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Arkansas taking lessons from Carolina

Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham described a “corrections period” in practice each Monday.

Marcus Lattimore rolled through UGA to SEC freshman of the week honors (Juan Blas/The Big

“Basically, you take the things that happened in the game in the previous week and you correct them, because people watch tape,” Grantham said.

True. Arkansas has indeed taken scanned plenty of footage from South Carolina’s 17-6 victory over Georgia on Saturday, watching as Gamecocks never trailed behind 37 carries, 182 rushing yards, two touchdowns and an array of broken tackles for freshman tailback Marcus Lattimore. The Razorbacks watched as the Bulldogs got pushed around a little bit.

And It's something the Razorbacks will strive to duplicate Saturday at Sanford Stadium.

“One thing that South Carolina did was they came and got after Georgia early,” Arkansas senior tackle DeMarcus Love told reporters in Fayetteville. “That’s something we want to do. We want to have a fast start, get off early, get the running game going, just dominate the line of scrimmage. Everything else will take care of itself."

While the Razorbacks lack the reputation as a running team given the presence of star quarterback Ryan Mallett, they’ve been effective when they’ve tried. They've rushed for 295 yards on only 59 attempts through two games to average five yards per carry as a team.

Sophomore Knile Davis has carried 11 times for an average of 7.8 yards per attempt.

“It definitely gives us confidence to see that (the Gamecocks) were able to run,” Davis said. “Because I feel like we’re just as good as Lattimore, and our offensive line is just as good as South Carolina’s. My confidence is high, and I’m ready to do it.”

Grantham expects the Hogs to run, simply because the Gamecocks were able to do it.

“These guys will run the ball too, now,” Grantham said. “They’ve got an excellent coach. He’s going to take advantage. It’s like anybody. I mean, if you don’t stop something, they’re going to run it.”

Grantham and Bulldogs coach Mark Richt have each stressed publicly the need for the defense to play more physically against the Razorbacks.

The result was a Tuesday practice that tailback Caleb King said was the most physical since he has been at Georgia.

“We know they’re coached just like we’re coached,” Arkansas tackle Ray Dominguez said. “They got yelled at on Sunday for missed tackles, and we’re going to approach this game as, ‘We’re going to try to run the ball, and run down their throats.’”

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