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Coffee: A little Q&A with Mark Fox

Wednesday, February 15

Georgia coach Mark Fox answers a few questions in advance of tonight's 7 p.m. game at South Carolina ...


You guys have shot it from 3 pretty well the last couple of games. Is that the difference? Is that where you become a little different team?

FOX: You know, we've played 10 league games, and we've made more baskets than our opponents in 10 league games. We've got more offensive rebounds than our opponents. We've got fewer turnovers than our opponents. Free throws have been a real issue for us. We're getting, I think, 9 almost 9 1/2 fewer free throw attempts. So you wonder why I blow a gasket. But I think that we shot the 3 a little better last week. I think the real key for us is we've rebounded it a little bit better than a week ago. We really haven't done anything drastically different. We've just done things a little bit more consistenly across the board.


You win rebounding against Arkansas and Mississippi State, where's the change?

FOX: Well, Marcus Thornton was one of the keys in that. He ended up with nine rebounds on Saturday. And Saturday was the first time where I felt like, 'Man, he looks like he's playing a game where he's feeling good and his legs feel good.' He was jumping, and he was physical, and he was a big part of that. Before his surgery, he was our leading rebounder, and he's come back and hasn't been in a rhythm and hasn't been as productive on the glass. He was on Saturday.


You've had some nice wins at Georgia, but was Saturday up there, beating a ranked team on the road with a team that had been struggling?

FOX: I felt good for our kids, yeah. I don't know. I've never thought about it. We've had some quality wins. That was a good one, just because this group, they needed a significant win. And I think they bought into a process that helped them get one, and by getting one I think it'll be easier for them to buy in from his point forward.


Do you worry about the mindset after a couple of nice wins or do you think this team can handle that?

FOX: Oh, I don't think anybody in this generation handles success quite like they should. They probably didn't enjoy me yesterday (at practice). I'm not very old, but I probably seemed like a crotchity old man. There's still a lot of growing we have to do.



Yours truly is headed out to Columbia, S.C., for tonight's game. It will be televised on CSS, but for those of you (like me) who do not get that channel. I'll be offering the usual live thread in addition to game coverage afterward. So come watch it with me!



On a serious note, (Keith Marshall) is stupid fast in his drills

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