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Coffee: A preview of 'Herschel'

Thursday, September 1

ESPN was good enough to send me an advance copy of "Herschel." The first of four one-hour SEC documentaries focuses on Georgia's legendary running back Herschel Walker and will debut Wednesday at 8 p.m. on ESPNU,

So lets give it a look and an honest review ...

This documentary is ambitious in its attempt to encapsulate everything about a complex man in only one hour.

There are interviews with his parents, his former coaches and teammates, Vince Dooley, Bill Bates, Loran Smith, broadcaster Keith Jackson and even Donald Trump (Why? USFL ties).

Georgia fans will definitely enjoy the generous amounts of game footage from his three unforgettable years with the Bulldogs and perhaps the fact that much of the film's current footage was taken in Athens during Walker's recent visit.

Overall, the documentary follows Walker's story back to grade school -- when he drew a lifetime of motivation from a speech impedement that caused him to be bullied by classmates -- and rolls all the way through his time in professional football.

But don't go thinking this is only about football.

Walker is remarkably forthcoming in interviews about heavy topics like his past and his struggles with dissociative identity disorder.

In this way, the documentary's tone is set in the opening minutes. Walker reads somberly, "I wish they would see the real person in me. One day, they will know I'm not here for the show. My mind do shine. My heart is so kind. But that they can not see because all they see is the outside of me. Who I am, what I do is only the reaction I get from you."

It's a lot to cram into one hour, and that leads to the film's creators glossing over a lot of Walker's background and life.

But you'll enjoy that the closing credits end with footage of Walker working out this year's current Georgia's team, including a cameo by Joe Tereshinski.



Georgia's final practice of the preseason -- little more than a walk-through -- will be held at Sanford Stadium today. After that, the team heads Friday to Atlanta.



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