Coffee: Fox and the K-State rumors

Thursday, April 19

Georgia coach Mark Fox said before Wednesday's UGA Alumni Association event in Rome, Ga., that he "didn't have any interest" in the opening at Kansas State created when Frank Martin left to go to South Carolina.

A former K-State assistant coach and native of the state of Kansas, Fox took to Twitter soon after Martin's departure, saying ...

I grew up in Kansas but I plan to grow old in Georgia. Any rumor mentioning me w/another job is false. GO DAWGS!

“Let me just say the rumor of it was already hurting our recruiting," Fox explained Wednesday, "so I needed to put that to bed as immediately as I could. I didn’t have any interest. It’s a terrific school, but I had no interest in pursuing that. The rumor was just too strong. That’s why I did that.”

The Wildcats ultimately hired former Illinois coach Bruce Weber to replace Martin.

Meanwhile, one of Fox's closest friends did leave the conference recently, with Trent Johnson leaving LSU for TCU.

"He could have easily stayed and had success," Fox said of Johnson, "but after discussing it with him, I wasn’t surprised.”



-Softball: ALABAMA (8 p.m.)
-Men's Tennis: SEC tournament in Starkville, Miss.
-Women's Tennis: SEC tournament in Oxford, Miss.

-Baseball: at Florida (7 p.m.)
-Men's Golf: SEC championships in St. Simons Island, Ga.
-Women's Golf: SEC championships in Fayetteville, Ark.
-Gymnastics: NCAA championships in Duluth, Ga.
-Softball: ALABAMA (6:30 p.m.)
-Men's Tennis: SEC tournament in Starkville, Miss.
-Women's Tennis: SEC tournament in Oxford, Miss.



After missing out on the Eastern Division title with a 5-0 division record last season, Steve Spurrier wants to discuss at the SEC spring meetings the idea of picking division champs based on divisional records and not overall conference records.



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