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Coffee: Jarvis Jones, award king

Thursday, November 1

(Photo by Sonny Kennedy/Special to Dawgs247)

Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones made the cut for another national watch list Wednesday.

This is hardly news anymore.

As it stands now, Jones is a semifinalist for the ...

--Lombardi (top lineman or linebacker)
--Bednarik (top defensive player)
--Maxwell (top overall player)
--Butkus (top linebacker)

There will be additional cuts to make on all of the above, but it's impressive enough already that Jones was one of only two defensive players -- Notre Dame's Manti Te'o was the other -- to make the 16-man list for the Maxwell Award.

Meanwhile, Jones has played his best in big games, the kind of quality that usually results in some big awards, especially when you have the impact stats to go with it, which Jones does.

He's currently first in the nation with five forced fumbles. Rutgers' Khaseem Greene also has five, but he did it in eight games. Jones has only played in six.

"You've really got to take advantage of it when they're exposing that ball and go get it," said Jones this week, after forcing two fumbles against Florida. "For me, every chance I get, I'm trying to get the ball out. When you see me tackle, I'm always trying to rip out the ball or you see someone else tackle, I'm running over there trying to get the ball out. ... A lot of college players don't hold the ball right, especially when they're making moves."

Since he has played in only six games, Jones is also second nationally in sacks per game. His 8.5-sack total means he's again in the chase for David Pollack's UGA season record of 14 set in 2002. Jones finished half a sack shy of it last season with 13.5

Jones' 22 sacks in about a season and a half is already two ahead of Justin Houston's 20 in Georgia's career list, where Jones ranks seventh. Pollack leads that one too, with 36 sacks for his four years.

It is the fumbles, though, getting a lot of attention after the Florida game. Said Mark Richt of Jones, "Because he’s hustling, he’s turning and running when they play is already past him, he sees the ball, he sees the guy, but the guy doesn’t see him.

"Instead of just going to tackle the guy," Richt said, "he rakes the ball out of there. (David) Pollack was a guy who had a knack for that. There are just certain guys who not only want the sack, but they want the ball out.”



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Homecoming. Awesome time of the year! Enjoy it but please be at the Dawg Walk and get in the stadium early! We love the support! Go Dawgs!

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