Coffee: McGarity on Penn State

Tuesday, July 24

Michael Adams and Greg McGarity (Photo courtesy of UGA Sports Communications)

When the 267-page Freeh Report was released on the misdeeds and cover-up of Penn State's athletics department in the Jerry Sandusky case, UGA athletics director Greg McGarity printed out copies of the report and distributed it to his senior staff.

"Everyone review this," said McGarity, who asked each administrator to create talking points to discuss from the Penn State situation.

"You've got to talk about it," McGarity said, "and next time we meet with our coaches, we're going to talk about it. ... In all situations like this, whether it's this situation or Southern Cal or North Carolina or any time you have a problem, it's lessons learned."

McGarity was wrapping up vacation Monday morning when the NCAA announced stiff sanctions against Penn State stemming from the findings of that report.

By Monday night, McGarity was in attendance at the UGA Bulldog Club meeting in Atlanta, addressing the Penn State scandal with reporters and focusing on the idea of a "football-is-king" mentality that got Penn State in trouble.

"I can assure you that inside our building and on our campus that is not the case," McGarity said. "It gets back to leadership. Dr. (Michael) Adams, he's not going to let that happen. That's something we talked about during the interview process, that athletics needs to be an asset to the university. It has a proper place, and I buy into that. The previous administration at Florida, it was that way. It's almost like a marriage. If you can't get along at home, you're going to have a very difficult time in the office. And if you don't have those two groups on the same page being honest, transparent at the athletic director/presidental level, you just will not succeed. ... We've talked many times that we may receive more publicity and have more resources than any other department on campus, but we want to just blend into the fabric of the university. We're no more important than anyone else. We want to provide financial assistance and play our role into the university atmosphere."

As for the idea that UGA (or any other school) can now actively recruit players on Penn State's team without usual NCAA transfer restrictions, McGarity said, "Probably every football coach in America is looking at their roster."

"I'm sure it'll be active probably both ways," McGarity said, "with institutions and with these young men that may or may not want to stay. Of course, it hasn't even been 24 hours, so for them to basically make a decision that quickly, that's a pretty big decision to make. It may be jumping the gun for individuals to be assuming that things are going to happen. I'm sure that Penn State is going to huddle with their young men and talk about their plans for the future. They're still going to play, obviously. With some restrictions there, but it's not like they're cancelling the football season."



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Seems like a nuclear bomb was dropped on Penn State

DL Sterling Bailey

Penn state getting that pinewood.. Smh

DB commit Shaq Wiggins

Those sanctions are crazy .. should've just gave them the death penalty

RB Keith Marshall

Sucks that so many innocent people are bein affected by a few idiots actions. Feel bad for the players who worked their ass off to be at PSU

OL Hunter Long

They hit Penn State hard feel bad for the players and their program

RB Todd Gurley

Can someone tell me what all happens to the Penn state program now

TE Jay Rome

Rocking a sweet American Goa-Tee for the day, reducing it to the 'stache tomorrow. #downforthecause

FB Dustin Royston

A good name is worth more than silver and gold.

WR Justin Scott-Wesley

Sitting in Denmark, I wish I could find a @WaffleHouse!!! #HashbrownsCovered

Former UGA golfer Bubba Watson

Just killed another one! ! Boi these snakes pop out everywhere when you cutting grass

DB commit Tray Matthews

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