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Coffee: Scoring too quickly?

Wednesday, October 3

(Photo by Sonny Kennedy/Special to Dawgs247)

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier had an interesting theory this week when asked about some of the struggles for UGA's defense this season.

"Well, they're scoring so fast," Spurrier said. "You score fast, your defense has to play a lot more than what we do. Usually, it takes us a while to get it down the field and score. ... I think Georgia has been scoring so fast and there's been so many turnovers maybe in their games that their defense is just playing maybe a lot more plays than a lot of others."

Hmmmm ... So let's look at this. Here is a breakdown of the time taken off the clock on Georgia's 37 scores so far this season ...

3:10 (190 seconds)
0:00 (KO return)
0:52 (52)
1:23 (83)
2:32 (152)
2:17 (137)
0:14 (14)
0:43 (43)
1:04 (64)
4:28 (268)
1:41 (101)
2:35 (155)
0:11 (11)
1:33 (93)
2:25 (145)
1:14 (74)
3:02 (182)
0:59 (59)
2:14 (134)
1:48 (108)
2:14 (134)
2:11 (131)
3:18 (198)
2:31 (151)
5:19 (319) -- 12 plays, 96 yards
3:34 (214)
1:01 (61)
1:01 (61)
6:06 (366) -- 13 plays, 84 yards
0:13 (13)
2:28 (148)
0:50 (50)
0:37 (37)
2:07 (127)
1:46 (106)
1:02 (62)

Not counting Todd Gurley's kickoff return against Buffalo and Amarlo Herrera's interception return against FAU, the average time on UGA's other 35 offensive drives was only about 2:01.

For the season, opponents have run 367 plays to UGA's 336, though UGA is gaining 8 yards per play (5 for opponents) and has outscored opponents 241-110.

Nonetheless, Mark Richt isn't buying it.

"A lot of people bring that up," said Richt when asked about it on his Monday night radio show, "but here's my philosophy on that: The defense is allowed to get off the field fast too if they want to. I mean, all they've go to do is go three-and-out and then they can go sit down and have something to drink. I don't think that's really valid."



An Athens institution needs help to survive.

And CBSSports' Jeremy Fowler takes a look at UGA LB Jarvis Jones.



South Carolina Fans, do you guys remember this?

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#22 it is folks that's what number ill be wearin in college.

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