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Coffee: The cost of recruiting

Wednesday, January 25

More good work this week from the Business of College Sports, which has compiled listed the nation's top spenders in recruiting -- for all sports, including football.

Per the report linked above, of the nation's top six spenders, five are from the SEC. And that includes UGA. Here's the list ...

1) Tennessee $2.296,023
2) Auburn $2,117,645
3) Notre Dame $2,070,316
4) Alabama $1,694,202
5) Georgia $1,540,743
6) Florida $1,501,899

Georgia Tech, actually, comes in 7th, followed by Arkansas, Michigan and Texas to round out the top 10.

Recruiting expenses are something of an interest of mine.

And if you're wondering how Tennessee spends so much, I refer you to this story from I series I wrote back in 2009 on recruiting costs in the SEC.

(As for the name listed on the link, Paul Cloos was our Internet guy and his byline is showing now after a system change because his log-in was the one that actually posted the content online. But I assure you that I wrote that story and all but one story of the series that ran in the Mobile Press-Register in 2009.)

Anyway, it's an interesting debate and one that usually stirs conversation among fanbases.



The nation's No. 1 men's basketball team is in Athens. Kentucky will face Georgia at 9 p.m. tonight at Stegeman Coliseum. The game will be televised by ESPN.



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