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JHC suspended after dorm incident

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia safety Josh Harvey-Clemons will be suspended one-game as a result of an incident reported by UGA Police earlier this month.

Josh Harvey-Clemons was considered one of UGA's spring standouts and has been expected to start on defense this season.

Bulldogs coach Mark Richt confirmed Harvey-Clemons' suspension to reporters at the SEC spring meetings Tuesday, according to a UGA spokesman in Destin, Fla.

UGA Police responded to a call to a Vandiver Hall dorm around 11:30 p.m. on May 14 and found Harvey-Clemons and former tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith, according to the police report. A member of the housing staff had notified police after reportedly smelling marijuana in a hallway outside the room.

Per the report, no marijuana was uncovered in a search of the room, thus no criminal charges were filed. The players did admit to having smoked marijuana in the form of a "blunt" earlier in the evening, the report states, and police observed loose cigar tobacco "consistent with having been removed from inside a cigar, which is a common practice for marijuana ingestion."

"They did allow a search. There was the odor of marijuana, and they did admit to having smoked it earlier," UGA Police spokesman Eric Dellinger said. "Based on those circumstances, we don't typically make criminal charges. So the case was exceptionally cleared based on the violation, and it was referred over to judicial programs."

The report states that a cellophane bag with "a barely visible flake of possible marijuana inside" was found in the bathroom trash can and digital scales were found in Flournoy-Smith's dresser drawer.

"Ty admitted that it was his, and he used it to make sure what he was buying was accurate," the report states.

While no arrest was made, a report regarding the incident was filed by UGA Police, and UGA's coaching staff was notified.

Richt said last week that Flournoy-Smith was transferring from the team, likely bound for junior college, but would not elaborate on the reasons. At the time, the transfer was not Flournoy-Smith's decision, because Richt said the player could potentially rejoin the Bulldogs in the future.

Harvey-Clemons exited spring as the starting strong safety in Georgia's base defense and the starting slot DB in the nickel package.

UGA athletics department's policy calls for a one-game suspension for an athlete's first substance abuse violation.

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