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UGA fans, meet the 247Composite on Monday launched a major update on the network, unveiling a prospect rankings system known as the 247Composite.

Tramel Terry is No. 1 among UGA commits in the brand new 247Composite.

Basically, the 247Composite makes the line "Yeah, but the other site has him rated this way" obsolete, taking the rankings of all four major recruiting sites and running them through a complex algorithm using a Gaussian distribution formula to create the most comprehensive ranking on the Internet.

Click here for more details behind the process.

The 247Composite Rating is a proprietary algorithm that compiles prospect "rankings" and "ratings" listed in the public domain by the major media recruiting services.

It converts average industry ranks and ratings into a linear composite index capping at 1.0000, which indicates a concensus No. 1 prospect across all services.

All major media services share an equal percentage in the 247Composite Rating.

So this system effectively helps to eliminate any individual biases in the ranking process by forming an “average” based on numerical data. It also allows thousands of prospects to be ranked using the formula.

How might it translate to Georgia's commitment list for 2013?

Here's a breakdown of Georgia's current class by 247Composite (with national position rank in parenthesis) ...

77. Tramel Terry (WR, 11)
88. Tray Matthews (S, 9)
89. Brice Ramsey (QB, 7)
132. Tim Kimbrough (ILB, 5)
145. Shaq Wiggins (CB, 11)
172. Johnny O'Neal (ILB, 8)
179. Brandon Kublanow (C, 5)
200. Reggie Wilkerson (CB, 18)
227. Naim Mustafaa (DE, 13)
283. Reggie Davis (WR, 38)
323. Uriah LeMay (WR, 42)
382. Josh Cardiello (OG, 17)
411. Ryne Rankin (ILB, 24)
516. Reginald Carter (ILB, 35)
538. Jordan Davis (TE, 22)
539. Aulden Bynum (OT, 49)
553. DeAndre Johnson (DT, 41)
563. J.J. Green (CB, 41)
618. Shaun McGee (DE, 27)
665. Rico Johnson (WR, 78)

All high school players committed to UGA except Quincy Mauger earned a ranking in the new composite system.

In addition, Steven Nelson was the 11th-ranked junior college player (and No. 2 JUCO cornerback). Steven Nelson 11th in JUCO (2nd CB).

View the entire 247Composite here and composite team rankings.

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