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Morning Coffee: Aron and the Tigers

Wednesday, November 9

(Photo by UGA Sports Communications)

The news this week about Missouri joining the SEC hit home especially with Georgia senior tight end Aron White, who hails from Columbia, Mo., and grew up a Tigers fan.

"I really have a lot of mixed feelings about it," he said. "Missouri, they're just a Big 12 school. That's just because I grew up there and that's all I've ever known. It's so foreign to me to hear them say they're in the SEC. ... I wish Missouri had been in the SEC when I came out, because then I would have been like, 'Hey, I can go and still play against this top talent every week and maybe stay at home.' I love Missouri. I love Columbia. ... Had they been located anywhere expect for my hometown, I probably would have stayed. I probably would have gone there."

White, at the time one of the nation's most-touted tight end prospects, said Tuesday that he picked UGA because "I didn't want to stay at home. I wanted to get out and have the college experience. I wanted to play in the SEC, too.

Now with Missouri joining the SEC, White added that since he is a senior at Georgia, "I'm mad because I don't have a chance to play them."

How does White think Missouri will acclimate to the SEC?

"I think they're going to be a little bit surprised at how crazy some of the football fans are in the SEC and how big of a stage they're going to be on. They play big games ... But you could play five, six schools a year that are in the Top 25. That's the live that we live in the SEC, and that might be an adjustment for them. Growing up in Columbia, it is a football culture, but I think basketball sometimes gets the nod. Mizzou basketball is very big."



It's the start of the national early signing period today for basketball, and the three UGA has committed for 2012 are each expected to sign.



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