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Morning Coffee: Ealey fallout

Tuesday, May 10

Washaun Ealey didn't participate in G-Day while recovering from a hamstring injury.

Be strong, Georgia fans.

News that hit Monday should be neither surprising nor alarming when it comes to this make-or-break 2011 season.

Tailback Washaun Ealey is no longer a part of Georgia's football program. While the sudden loss of a returning rushing leader would be enough to turn the stomachs of most SEC football fans, those at Georgia should and probably do know better.

They know this wasn't your standard "transfer." It was a move to help benefit the team as a whole, and that's how it should be judged.

Something hasn't been right with Georgia's tailback situation for a while.

Mark Richt logged a self-reported violation earlier this year for his construction of a missing-man formation used on Isaiah Crowell's official visit. The basis of this was that Georgia had no tailback and needed Crowell to be the guy. True or not, the mere suggestion of this should have been enough to enrage Georgia's remaining tailbacks.

Richt did it anyway. Crowell, as it turned out, signed with UGA to be that guy. What was to happen with the rest of them?

So yes, Monday's events were telegraphed. Perception lumped Ealey and Caleb King together. Yet from the start of spring practice, Ealey was the one made off limits to the media, while King was able and willing to show up for plenty of interviews. And at the end of the day, King passed and Ealey did not.

Will that even matter? Crowell is the one everyone is waiting to see.

And he'll get his chance, but King's mere survival means he has a valuable opportunity to finally make good on his own potential. Do not discount him in Georgia's future plans, if only because he's still on the team.

As for Ealey, this is what happens when determined coaches lose faith. We've passed the era of second and third and fourth changes at Georgia. This team needs to win now, and no matter what you may believe, know that Monday's events were part of that design.



Bulldog Club meetings hit Greenville, S.C., and Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.



Pocket full of money and I still ran out of gas...!!! Lol SMH anybody have a gas container I can borrow???

--UGA RB Caleb King

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