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Morning Coffee: Fox's new team

Friday, November 9

When the Georgia men's basketball team opens its 2012-13 season by hosting Jacksonville at 7 p.m. tonight, it will doing so for the first time with a roster compiled entirely by Coach Mark Fox.

"I think we have a pretty complete roster," Fox said Thursday. "We've got some depth. We have athleticism. I think we have guys that are succeeding off the court, succeeding in the classroom. We have the type of roster that we wanted to put together than gives us some versatility that we can play, really, a couple of different ways if the situation requires that.

"It's a wonderful group to coach every day. I'll tell you that much. I mean, this is the first team I've had that I really look forward to coaching every day. I really look forward to seeing them every day, and I can't say that's always been the case. And that's not a knock on the first couple of teams I've had here, but this team is just a greater joy to be with every day."

Why is this the best team Fox has had to coach?

"We just don't fight selfishness," he said. "We don't fight behavior. We don't fight the process. They are fully vested in how we want to function. So there's much less pushback from them. And they're very supportive of each other succeeding. ... These guys were all recruited with the same philosophy in mind, and they had to buy into it. We're not having to convince them of how we're going to function."

Jacksonville, which was 8-22 last year, visits Athens on the heels of Young Harris, which lost a 86-52 exhibition game last Friday to the Bulldogs.

From a health standpoint, Fox says his team is in as good a shape entering a season as any he has had at UGA. Forward Marcus Thornton, who underwent offseason knee surgery, is expected to be available.

Meanwhile, Fox said Thursday he had yet to determine a starting five.

"Practice this week has been a slugfest. I'll be honest with you," Fox said. "... The one thing that this team has, and I think competition for playing time is healthy, we have a lot of it. There's days where Kentavious (Caldwell-Pope) is not starting because he's been outplayed in practice. I think that's healthy for us. We'll make a decision in the morning on exactly who we want to start. Part of it, as always, will depend upon the matchups and who we think. But I would say that everybody, because it's a real game week, has tried to really ante up this week and get after it."



Kentavious Caldwell-Pope made the preseason list for the Wooden Award.

There was some rather big news from Auburn two days before the Tigers host Georgia.

And here is an interesting story from Southern Cal, where a student manager was fired for intentionally deflating footballs during the Oregon game.



All my teachers be like its so nice to see you sitting in front of the class..then they look down at my crutches and get the idea lol.

WR Marlon Brown


Don't be wasting time cause time is all you have..

LB Josh Dawson


If you want it you gotta see it with a clear eye view

LB Amarlo Herrera


I've been thinking about doing Sophomore Diaries but idk if ppl would enjoy it... What do u guys think?

Former UGA hoops forward Trey Thompkins


Something funny to me is when some 1 text u first one day den da next day u text dem & dey say who this? Lol #really? Somebody's mad

DL Garrison Smith


bout to get the long locks cut off, Clay Mathews no more!

LB Chase Vasser


If Laremy Tunsil, Robert Nkemdiche and Montravius Adams all decide on NSD, there will be a record number of people being "sick" that day.

Dawgs247's Rusty Mansell


Its a great feeling to just barely beat parking services to your illegally parked vehicle!!! #winning

OL Dallas Lee


I wanna just meet a girl and go live on a farm

WR Michael Erdman

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