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Morning Coffee: Hometown thoughts

Thursday, September 6

The horrific and tragic Penn State scandal of the past year sent reverberations through all of college football, the sports world and really the entire nation.

But it especially hit home for a current member of Georgia's team.

Wide receiver Michael Bennett was born in State College, Pa. Though his family has more ties to Michigan State and he long considered himself a Spartans fan, he also grew up rooting for the Nittany Lions.

"It's crazy, man," Bennett said. "It's been a downward spiral for them. I've been really feeling for them, really praying for them. My dad worked there for a long, long time, and I was born there. It's sad to see that, because I was a big Joe Paterno fan, a big Penn State fan. So to see that go down, I feel for them. I'm praying for those guys."

Stricken by NCAA sanctions as a result of a institutional coverup involving Jerry Sandusky, Penn State opened its season last weekend with a 24-14 defeat to Ohio University. Other than Michigan, which played then-No. 2 Alabama, the Nittany Lions were the only Big Ten team to lose last weekend.

"Football means everything up there," Bennett said. "For it to pretty much go down the drain like it has been, it's probably deterimental to that community.

"I don't know. It's crazy."



There was some trouble for a former Bulldog at his new school Wednesday. has an interesting look in the family of Missouri QB James Franklin.

And writers for the St. Louis Post Dispatch give their take on Saturday's game.



All I want to do is ball....

LB Alec Ogletree

School work or film work.... That's what it always comes down to.

QB Hutson Mason

My facebook inbox is going crazy everyday bruh

TE recruit Milan Richard

Been here for to long to get on the wrong bus....smh

DL Abry Jones

Every morning you have two choices, continue your sleep with dreams or wake up and chase ur dreams.

LB Jarvis Jones

People that done had money they whole life wouldn't understand what it feel like to be struggling with little

DL Garrison Smith

My grandma called me this morning and said real G's move in silence. I just started crying laughing

DB Corey Moore

There's always some sick person in every class

DB Sheldon Dawson

Thinking bout cuttin the Boosie for awhile & goin back to my regular ole temp fade.!! I want my waves back

DB Josh Harvey-Clemons

Please don't tweet me regarding politics .. I have my opinions y'all have yours

RB Keith Marshall

I'm driving and pull up beside suge knight..he was mean mugging me and looking in my car lol

Former UGA hoops player Travis Leslie

A lot of people are copying my turtle shell scooter helmet look!

PK Marshall Morgan

I almost got on the bus to ride around cuz I'm bored. But it hit me. 1.I don't know the routes. 2.The only people I might meet will be frosh

RB Richard Samuel

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