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Morning Coffee: Price of success

Tuesday, March 27

Former UGA player Kirby Smart will now make $950,000 as Nick Saban's defensive coordinator in Tuscaloosa.

Raises for Alabama's football coaches were approved Monday by the UA Board of Trustees, driving up the price for everyone else in the process.

Of course, Nick Saban will make a killing, but it's the new assistant coach totals that could get everyone else's attention.

Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart will now make $950,000, while the lowest-paid Tide assistant makes $260,000.

That would rank fourth on UGA's staff last season ...

Grantham -- $750,000
Bobo ------ $325,000
Garner ---- $290,000
Olivadotti- $250,000
Ball ------ $200,000
McClendon - $200,000
Friend ---- $200,000
Lakatos --- $180,000
Lilly ----- $165,480

It should be noted that raises are due to UGA assistants, however, and have yet to finalized and announced by the school. Figures are expected to go up for Grantham, Bobo and others in the coming months, but still probably not to the kind of totals being offered by Alabama.



Back to the practice field today ...

-Football: Spring Practice (4 p.m.)
-Baseball: CLEMSON (7 p.m.)

-Softball: GA SOUTHERN (6:30 p.m.)

-Football: Spring Practice (4 p.m.)



Regional selections were announced Monday for the NCAA gymnastics championships.

Georgia received the No. 1 seed in the Auburn Regional, and will compete at 7 p.m. (Eastern) on April 7 on The Plains in the following field ...

1. Georgia (No. 6 ranking)
2. Oregon State (No. 7)
3. Auburn (No. 18)
4. Michigan (No. 21)
5. West Virginia (No. 27)
6. Michigan State (No. 32)

That's actually a very favorable draw for UGA, which will be heavily favored to finish in the two in Auburn and advance to the NCAA championships, which begin April 20 at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, Ga.



Sitting with Isaiah reading @FakeIsaiahCrow1 tweets. #socrow

LB Christian Robinson

Can't wait for Big John ( @jtheus71 ) to get up here to Athens. #flowbros

LS/OL Nathan Theus

No sleeves on my shirt. Yeah I'm flexin..

WR Justin Scott-Wesley

Started the morning off with a few sit sit ups I mean leaning up and hitting the snooze button #YOLO

OL Austin Long

"I wish I was a dog it's easier for them to walk up stairs"-an anonymous gymnast

Former UGA guard Dustin Ware

Don't u hate when you go to the bathroom to do #1 and some body doing #2 and got the whole bathroom #funky

FB Zander Ogletree

Some of my toughest lessons brought about me my biggest blessings

DB Branden Smith

Time to relax and watch Denzel movies

Former UGA OL Ben Jones

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