Morning Coffee: Two noses? How?

Wednesday, May 25

Nose guard Kwame Geathers was named defensive MVP of spring for his efforts in trying to hold off arriving JUCO signee John Jenkins. That turn of events has UGA coaches pondering how to use both up front in 2011.

There aren’t many dry-erase boards on the offseason speaking circuit, so prior to the Bulldog Club function in Albany on Tuesday night, Mark Richt made do with what he had.

The question was about the impact of nose guard signee John Jenkins and the idea being floated about using him and big Kwame Geathers together on the same line.

How would this work?

In response, Richt grabbed two small drinking glasses and positioned one on each side of a larger Styrofoam cup. This was to represent a defensive line, with the glasses as ends and the cup as the nose.

“In a 3-4, you’ve got your nose guard and the next guys out there are our ends,” said Richt, sliding the two glasses into position close to the cup. “You’ve got outside linebackers now, where before your defensive ends were really and truly on the edge.”

At this point, he slid the glasses farther away from the cup to the "edge" of the line to demonstrate the defensive alignment prior to Todd Grantham’s arrival as coordinator.

“Make sense? So our d-ends now in the 3-4 are not always the end men on the line,” Richt said. “You might have a ‘Will’ linebacker – like Justin Houston was coming off the weak side – and our ‘Sam’ linebacker is outside of the d-ends.”

He then slid the glasses slid back closer and pointed to the big cup.

“So if these two guys (at nose guard) are better than any one of these guys (at defensive end), then more than likely they’ll play some of that position,” Richt said.

“Then when you go to what we call our nickel, last year we took the nose guard out (remove cup completely, slide two glasses together) and the ends here and let our outside linebackers be our defensive end rush guys. Well, if this guy (the cup again) is worthy of staying in the game and rushing the passer, you might have those two big ol’ boys in there."

The implication here was Jenkins and Geathers could both be used as the two interior linemen in passing situations.

"Last year, that guy (at nose) was out most of the time (in nickel),” Richt said.

To continue to illustrate the impact of Jenkins’ arrival and Geathers’ improvement, Richt told those in attendance later that “Last year we probably played as much four-down, three-linebacker as we did the 3-4 because we didn’t really have that nose guard. Now we can do it the way Coach Grantham wants to do it.”

So there you go ...



The SEC baseball tournament opens today in Hoover, Ala., and Georgia has the late game. The opener against Vanderbilt is tentatively set for 8:30 p.m. (TV: CSS), but past experience with this event means the start time will probably be later than that. The Diamond Dogs need to win no fewer than three games in the double-elimination tournament to assure a record at least one game over .500, making them eligible for an at-large NCAA tournament bid.



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