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Morning Coffee: Welcome back, Bobby

Tuesday, December 11

So as it turns out the biggest buzz for a head coaching hire so far this offseason has gone to ...

Western Kentucky.

That's right. Not Tennessee. Not Auburn. Not Kentucky or Arkansas or even South Florida, the school that took WKU's old coach.

Nope, the Hilltoppers finally made the inevitable a reality. They took the bait that was dangling out there for all of those other schools (well, except for Arkansas) and hired Bobby Petrino, wins, warts and all as their next head football coach.

It would have been a tough call for any of them to make. Petrino has certainly been successful in his career, but he comes with baggage so heavy that the bigger schools just couldn't carry it.

But someone was going to be able to do it, and Western Kentucky really does seem about right. It's the kind of school that could stomach Petrino's past in return for wins and increased visability as a program.

"What it comes down to is he made a big mistake, and he acknowledges that," WKU AD Todd Stewart said Monday about Petrino. "He's taken ownership of that and he's paid a heavy price for it. But this is the United States of America, and we're a country of second chances. I was confident after talking with him and talking to other people that he deserves a second chance, and we are more than happy to give it to him."

Now I had no plans to write anything special about the Western Kentucky coaching search. The fact that ESPNEWS carried the press conference live and this Coffee is even about WKU at all, that just proves why this makes sense.

As long as WKU knows what it's getting, this is a good hire. Petrino will probably win for a year or two and then bolt for a bigger job. But people will be talking about WKU football that would not have been before. That makes the gamble worth it for a program of this stature.

So I'll side with WKU on this call.

But let's please not kid ourselves on what this means.

I ask that WKU spares us any spin about this decision being about anything other than hiring a coach to do some serious winning.

Along those lines, please also spare the idealistic argument about how this is another sad example that all major college football programs care about is the win-loss record.

Well, of course that's the case. Did anyone really need another example to reach that conclusion?



College football attendance is down all over the place, reports Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News.



Done with college. Time to graduate.

LB Christian Robinson


Crushed that final. Winners win.

TE Arthur Lynch


Officially 24 hrs of no sleep. Just took my first exam.. Think I did great. Glad I stayed up all night

DB Marc Deas


I have been up 38 of the last 39 hours. Im going to bed befor my body just decides to shut down on me completely

DL Ray Drew


In better news if I don't die from these finals I'm turning 20 Wednesday

TE Jay Rome


S/o to Valdosta state playing for the national championship

OL Xzavier Ward


After seeing support Suh, Mathieu & Te'o got, I'll be surprised if a defensive player doesn't win Heisman in next 5 yrs.

Bruce Feldman of


Just saw Life of Pi. Great movie!

OL Chris Burnette


Just landed back in USA. Time to hang with family, 3 weeks off!! #ThatWillPreach

Former UGA golfer Bubba Watson


Haha just feels good to laugh sometimes about things you did in your life....

LB Alec Ogletree

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