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Dawgs247 Q&A: Orson Charles

ATHENS, Ga. – The way it’s looking at this early stage, the featured play-maker in Georgia’s 2011 offense may not be a running back, receiver or even a quarterback.

Tight end Orson Charles has caught 49 passes for 796 yards and five TDs during two seasons with the Bulldogs.

It may be junior tight end Orson Charles.

The Bulldogs are already looking to use No. 7 in various ways this season, lining him up off the line of scrimmage and at different wide receiver spots.

“After two years, he knows his playbook a lot better,” UGA quarterback Aaron Murray said of Charles. “Now we’re able to use him a lot more. He’s learned multiple positions. Now we can move him around a little bit and try to get some matchups with him against different guys on defense. The more he knows now, the more he’s going to be able to do. I’m excited for all the stuff Coach (Mike) Bobo is going to have planned for him.”

Charles isn’t nearly as descriptive, saying simply that all goals for him in the coming year take a backseat to the Bulldogs improving from last year’s 6-7 record.

Here’s a quick Q&A with Charles after Saturday’s rain-shortened practice …

Q: Have you bulked up since the Liberty Bowl?
A: Yeah, I’m at 250 right now.

Q: Was that about the goal?
A: Yeah, 245-250. I’m probably going to lose it during camp, so my solid weight I want to be at 245.

Q: There’s been talk about your role and finding ways to get you the ball. Do you think you’ll be used in different ways that a traditional tight end this season?
A: To tell you the truth, I just want to win. To this point, I really don’t care, because the season that we had last year can’t happen again.

Q: What steps are you guys taking to that end?
A: I feel like, as a whole, we’re taking great steps into buying in to what Georgia is talking about – buying into Coach T, buying into Coach Richt – and just going out there and having fun.

Q: As one of the leaders on this team, what do you think this team needs in order to get back on track?
A: We just need to go back to just having fun. When I was coming here, I was watching when they played Hawaii. All them boys were jumping up and down and having fun. I’m like, ‘Why can’t we have that now? Why can’t we do that now?’ There’s nothing stopping us. We’re stopping ourselves. So I think that’s the No. 1 thing that we need to go out there and remember. We’ve been playing this game for a long time, and growing up, we’ve been having fun. So let’s just have fun doing it now.

Q: The rest of spring, what do you want to accomplish?
A: My goal this year is just to sell out. That’s my No. 1 goal. I felt like I could have sold out in a couple of areas last year – watching film by myself and with Coach Lilly. We’re taking steps to get better, but I really don’t have a goal. I just want to win. That’s my goal.

Q: You had a couple of breakout moments last year like the Florida game. What do you think it’s going to take to be more consistent?
A: Like you said, being consistent, doing everything great … making sure I catch every ball, making sure I block, making sure I block downfield and going whistle to whistle. You say that was a breakout game against Florida, but there’s always something I see that I could have done better.

Q: Like what?
A: Well, it’s a combination. When I catch the ball, I always tend to fall if somebody goes for my knee, so making yards after catch like A.J. (Green) did or T.K. (Tavarres King) did, and just improving to help the Georgia Bulldogs win.

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