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Tuesday's practice notes

ATHENS, Ga. – From the sound of it, quarterback Aaron Murray’s days of wearing a glove in game action may be over.

Aaron Murray wore gloves during UGA's Liberty Bowl defeat.

Well, at least “not in the near future,” Murray said Tuesday.

After going bare-handed for the regular season in 2010, Murray caused a few waves among fans by donning a glove on his throwing hand for the Liberty Bowl loss to Central Florida.

“I felt good with it heading into the game with the weather and everything,” Murray said. “I used it. But as of right now, we’re just using the hand.”

Murray said the only thing that could cause him to go back to the glove would be similar weather conditions to the cold, wet week in Memphis. With the glove, he threw two interceptions in the 10-6 loss to UCF, which ended without a UGA touchdown.

“I definitely heard a lot of second-guessing,” Murray said. “But when you go back and watch the film, most of the bad plays were not due to throwing. It was more mental errors. So it had nothing to do with the glove.”


*** Don’t consider UGA coach Mark Richt a fan of spring break, at least not as it pertains to the status of his football team.

“Spring Break, for spring football, it really does stink,” Richt said Tuesday. “You get them working. You get them up to a certain point of readiness, mentally, physical. And then – boom – they’re gone. … It’s hard to come back from spring break and expect everybody to just look great.”

No, Richt wasn’t enamored with his team’s performance during Tuesday’s practice, which was the second of the spring but the first since March 10 because of last week’s break.

“I don’t think everybody did a real good job over spring break staying in shape,” Richt said. “It wasn’t horrible, but it was a little bit different than it was the first (practice).”

The Bulldogs return to practice Thursday with shoulder pads on for the first time. They will not tackle until Saturday’s practice.


*** Murray says the ankle he sprained prior to the start of spring practice is back to 100 percent now.

“It feels great,” Murray said. “I’m still doing rehab just to make sure it stays strong. It’s a little vulnerable right now. They just want to make sure I continue working it out, but it felt great out there today. I haven’t really had any problems in about a week or so.”


*** Richt and some of the Bulldogs coaches went to Jamaica for the break.

“I’ll tell you what, man. The SEC is everywhere,” Richt said. “There’s Georgia people, but there’s all everyone else too.”

Richt laughed to recall placing his chair on the beach for the first time during the trip and seeing “Two Gators” in his line of sight.

“I didn’t even barely sit down yet,” said Richt, who added, “No one said a word, but I’m like, ‘Man.’”


*** Another humorous vacation spring break story involved Murray, who attempted a “trick shot” video by standing in the ocean and aiming a football to knock the cup off another young man’s head.

Murray missed, hitting his receiver in the face. Yet the video – in a grainy short clip – wound up on the Internet.

“The ball was a little wet,” Murray said with a laugh. “I warned him ahead of time. I was like, ‘Dude, this ball is soaking wet right now. It might not be as accurate as if it were dry.’ He didn’t really care too much. It was close, though. The ball was about an inch or two away from hitting the cup, but I drilled him in the head.

“At least it was a little high. If I had hit his nose and broke his nose, that would have been a lot worse.”

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