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Video: Richt describes hip injury

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia coach Mark Richt is considering having hip replacement surgery after Signing Day to treat a painful condition that keeps getting worse.

Mark Richt explains how he hurt his hip

"I haven't decided yet, but if I do, there's different windows of time," Richt said Wednesday. "The earliest possible time would be after Signing Day. I think there would be a window of time that I could recover enough to do the things that I would need to do. ... I could also maybe wait until after spring ball, but there's a lot of Bulldog Club stuff there and a few obligations. I could wait until those are done, but then you've got your summer camps. What I really don't want to do is go too deep into the summer where I'm not really in the kind of condition I want to be to start the year."

Richt thinks the injury might date back to an injury from falling off a swing-set decades ago (SEE VIDEO ABOVE).

In any event, he began having issues during workouts and racquetball games this past summer.

"About a game or two in, it just was really starting to hurt my back and my hip," Richt said. "So I had to stop doing that. So anyway, they looked at it and said it's really not in good shape and one day you'll probably need to have a hip replacement if you want to do certain things and feel healthy again."

Richt says the pain has now spread to his knee, ankle and back.

"I don't want it to affect other joints in my body," Richt said, "so I'm thinking it's probably getting about time to do it."

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