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*** Some early coffee

  • Been a really long day, guys, so I'm calling it a night and heading home to the little one without getting the Coffee ready for tomorrow morning.

    It'll be back Friday.

    But I can, however, offer links and tweets now for ya ...


    -- Here's the background story on the man known in the internet world as LSUFreek:

    -- And an interesting read here about coaches still recruiting committed players in basketball, a trend that appears to be moving over from football:



    God has a plan for me and everything happens for a reason. Get ready for a historic season Dawg nation. Our boys are gonna get it done!

    Michael Bennett


    We dedicating this game to @MBennett_82 #WinitforBennett

    Sanders Commings


    Pray for my brother @MBennett_82 that he has a speedy recovery #EagleBlack gonna hold it down bro.


    Todd Gurley


    Sad the leader of eagle white is down for a little while. Prayers going out to @MBennett_82

    Watts Dantzler


    Lots of prayers for my brother @MBennett_82 #eaglewhite

    Aaron Murray


    I just almost tripped an fell on the way to class lol glad no one was around to see

    Jay Rome


    Anybody wanna come to my Portuguese class... It's bring a friend to class 10:10

    Mark Beard


    If you couldn't pass economics and civics on high school and you're talking about politics I automatically assume you're an idiot.

    Jordan Jenkins


    I wish I was back in middle school because I would egg parking services #muchdislike

    Marshall Morgan


    Started my day off with a 5am run... I don't mind doing it, because its going to help me in the long run.

    1x for my brother @MBennett_82 I told him when I first met him, that He is my favorite player on offense.

    Ty Smith

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  • Love Jenkins Tweet, before your allowed to vote you should be able to pass economics and civics.