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Brice Ramsey on the show tonight ... more

  • Camden County QB and UGA commit Brice Ramsey will be my guest on the radio show tonight. As always, the phone lines will be open and you will be able to ask questions to Brice and/or show him your support.
    Also, I will discuss today's scrimmage and other camp notes.

    And of course, I will discuss everything involving UGA and recruiting: Bostick will announce Monday at 11:00 am and I expect that he will select UGA. I'm as close to 100% certain about that as I can be. For those of you who don't know his story, let me just say this: He is a kid that EVERYONE should be rooting for.

    If you can join us live, please do. If not, the show is archived and you can go back and listen at any time. Tray Matthews was on last night and many other recruits have been on in the past. These shows are available on iTunes or on the website.

    It sounds like the OL played well today vs the 2's. The #1 defense also shined as expected. Corn was playing with his hand in the dirt at DE when he recorded those three sacks. I LOVE that position for him and the fact that it allows the young JJ to be on the field to come off the edge during passing situations. It also means that Vasser will have a bigger role when his suspension is over. Also, I hope Swann gets well soon as he is going to be a breakout player this year. The kid has star potential.

    Hell, I could ramble all day but I will cut it off there. I hope all of you can join us tonight and call in.


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