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Can someone explain to me ...

  • Strong should have been hired as a head coach a long time ago. That said, look at what some NFL coaches have been able to do as head coaches in college ball.

    1. Gene Stallings had a losing NFL record (I think) and won a national title at Bama.
    2. Pete Carrol's NFL record wasn't all that good but he won a national title at USC.
    3. Saban didn't do well in the NFL but he did great in college.
    4. SOS didn't do well in the NFL but he did great in college.
    5. Petrino didn't do well in the NFL but he did well in college.

    Then, there are the assistants like Grantham, etc. that have done well.

    Then, the NFL coach can go sit in a recruits house look him and momma in the eye and say "I know what it takes to make it to the NFL. I've coached there and won there. You can play there and I can help get you there." Recruiting is easier. Flash a super bowl ring like Gruden can do and it's that much better.

    That said, if Richt was gone and we could get Charlie Strong, I would say hire him right now. I think that guy can flat out coach. Best DC we have faced in the last 10 years, IMO.

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  • Great post and I agree. I think Charlie Strong is an heck of a coach. I heard Louv. is really trying to make a commitment to their football program and with the move to the ACC they will do what they can to match any offers Charlie will receive.


  • Except for the whole fact that Gruden was terrible with younger players his entire time as a coach... yeah sure.

    Gruden operated at his best with veterans all around him.

    Its almost like Bobby Knight out there with Gruden. He's a ticking time bomb, because there's no way the players will be able to comprehend and follow suit perfectly within the expected amount of time to grasp something.