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Marcus Lattimore

  • Garcia had a difficult time protecting the football (to say the least).

    But he had a lot more physical tools to work with than Jaybo... I mean Connor.

    Connor will be able to protect the football and use his legs when he needs to. That may be all you need with Lattimore.

    Then again...

  • Shaw is a much more accurate passer than Garcia. He's only started less than 10 games. He was a true sophomore with little experience. As the season went on, he got better and better. Look at the stats in the final 3 games. Garcia had more of a strong arm than Connor but Connor is no slouch. He threw 50 yard bombs for td's (no yards after catch) in the last few games. I'll take Connor's work ethic, speed and decision making over Garcia ANYDAY of the week. We've improved at QB with Connor at the helm.

  • Come on man, he is a true sophomore and was thrown into the mix with Garcia kicked off the team. He got better as the season went on. Check his stats. As far as losing Alshon and not having a threat, you're somewhat right. Alshon is a special talent and will be hard to replace. We have some good redshirt freshman (his brother S. Jeffery) and some nice talent coming in, S. Roland (Mr. Football in South Carolina). Also, J. Adams is a beast at tight end and has been compared to J. Cook (former tight end for us now in the NFL). A lot to be played out in the spring and fall camp. We won't replace Alshon but we have some nice options. My homer opinion is that in someways losing Alshon may be a good thing. We will stop looking for him on every pass and spread the ball. It's up to the receivers to get open and catch the ball. We'll see what happens.

  • Our OL will be fine. I almost hope Shaw is scrambling some...makes him dangerous.

  • Shaw will be fine if you protect him (ie. effectively run the football).

    If you put the game on his shoulders, you may see some of the same frustrations with Dawg fans and Aaron Murray at times.

  • I actually agree with this.

    To the guy that said Garcia was more talented than The head on your shoulders is a big part of talent and Shaw is a very smart and "healthy" young man. He'll be fine.

    I expect our game next year to be for the East (just like every other game for the next 5 years). You guys are crazy if you think we won't have an amazing defense. Along the same lines...I expect you guys to field one of the 3 best D's we play next year.

  • I most definitely expect your defense to take a step backwards next season.

    You're losing a darned good coach and some darned good players.

    It's kind of like us Dawgs "hoping" to replace the production of Brandon Boykin (or AJ Green after the season before). More than likely, we're going to need multiple players to step up and contribute to fill the void.

    Whether that happens or not is a big question mark on the season going in.

  • Our defense will be fine. Ward worked with Ellis for a long time and is ready to be a DC. You guys may return a lot but so do we.

  • Sure thing. Way to stay positive. I hope it works out for you just like Willie Martinez did for us after Van Gorder left.

  • Shaw may be more accurate but it takes longer for the ball to get there and there is no arguing that. But you say look at the stats from the last 3 games and I will.
    The Citadel - no comment because any stats from this are meaningless. The fact he was still in there in the 4th qtr is not impressive.
    Clemson - West Virginia 70 Clemson 33. Your QB throwing for 200 including a 55 and 49 yarder is hardly impessive. Clemson was a total mess on defense and although Shaw did play his best game I remember him squeazing a few balls in tight spaces that were more luck than good.
    Nebraska - Not a horrible defense although they are ranked about 36 in total defense but still not a terrible D. However Jeffrey had 4 catches for 148 yards including a 51 yard hail mary and a 78 yardTD. So of his 230 yds passing 129 came on 2 plays by a guy thats gone. Thats hardly something you can count on in the future.
    As far as work ethic and leadership you have no argument there. Shaw clearly protects the ball and is a good runner for sure. He is a good kid and is a major upgrade there which almost anyone would be.
    The problem will lie when you face a top defense. You had to honor Garcia an Jeffrey and it opened things up for Lattimore. Good defenses will make Shaw beat them. And even a mediocre defense like Arkansas will put pressure on Shaw because they will be scoring so much. Shaw cant win a shoot out.
    I think when Latt went down the team rallied behind that and it will be interesting to see if that carries over. For all the talk of how Socar survived last year they really had 1 big injury. The rest of the team stayed extremely healthy and if Shaw is better than Garcia (except for the ECU game) then that was just a wash at worst. Your defense stayed extremely healthy which was huge. Hard to do that 2 years in a row.

  • it takes more than a year for a rb to come back fully so you will have to limit his carries and then you guys do have mike davis to step in and help along with wiles. i am happy his recovery is on schedule. he is a great young man and i hated it when he got hurt.

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    Johnny Dwight commits to Bama on 6/4/13 ranked the 44th DT in the nation by 247sports and 87 rating a 3 star. Now see the Bama bump.

  • Yall do return alot but who on that bench is Melvin Ingram? I know you will bash Gilmore but who do you have coming in to replace him. The kid you threw off the team and let back on is a solid corner for sure but you need more than that. Unless of course you only play 2 passing QB's like you did last year.
    Ellis Johnson was a great talent evaluator. He got his defenses to play hard but what made him good was his ability to pluck a few 3 stars like Norwood that would be great players. Van Gorder was good at this too. I will say this about losing the DC. Last year you had Ward and EJ. This year you just have Ward. Thats a loss period. Same as when we said we wouldnt miss a beat with Willie taking over for Van G. It took a year or too but it eroded.
    As far as the East I think UF cant be worse. I think UT with Bray, Hunter, and Patterson will be able to throw the ball on alot of teams and I think Mizzou will really be a sleeper. They really impressed me in a bowl and DGB will be a match up night mare even as a freshman. It should be interesting.

  • you have no idea how your defense is going to be jeff. i have talked to a number of south carolina fans who are realist about it and they are worried. you don't replace ellis with ward and not have issues and you guys very well might. that was a very underwhelming hire for south carolina.

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    Johnny Dwight commits to Bama on 6/4/13 ranked the 44th DT in the nation by 247sports and 87 rating a 3 star. Now see the Bama bump.

  • I'm definitely not worried....our defense will be fine. For the guy above...Auguste will be playing the other corner and has been in the program for 4 years. He got a medical redshirt last year. As for don't know how healthy he will be. Some guys make it back within a year just fine. If any athlete can do it he can. As for Ingram he will be tough to replace. We will have Taylor and Clowney at DE with Quarles and Fordham at the DT's. See ya Oct 6th

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  • My point in talking about Ingram , Gilmore, Robertson, etc. is you went from being a deep team on defense to a shallow team. You had some very good players come through that you dont just replace when you are South Carolina. Auguste is okay but he was the back up before. Who takes his spot. You had a very good class come through in which you hit on alot of guys. It was the year Clemson fired Bowden and you flipped guys like Gilmore, Holloman, and Robertson. You also got the best back to come out of SC since the early 90s and combined that with the best reciever and best DE in many many years. It all came together just as Florida, UT, and UGA were at all time low's. You got your East title because of that. UGA bounced back and stopped you from winning it this year. Those special players are starting to leave the program just as UGA is getting back and UT and UF will not suck much longer. Your time was last year and you got a runners up trophy to show for it but a nice season overall. Lattimore's and Jeffreys dont grow on trees especially in a little state. And now LSU is back on the schedule too. At least you got Auburn off, the dropped 3 W's in a year on you.

  • First of all you didn't stop us from winning the East....we lost to Auburn and Arkansas. Auguste would have been playing a lot last year if not for his injury....he has been a starter before. I'm not here to get into a pissing match. See you in October.

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  • You're spinning it to make your argument. The bottom line is he did improve and his td/int ratio, passing and running stats prove it.

    Last 3 games
    Vs The Citadel
    Passing 16/18 217 3 tds 1 int
    Rushing 11 carries for 90 yards and 1 td

    Vs Clemson
    Passing 14/20 210 yards 3 tds 0 ints
    Rushing 19 carries for 107 yards and 1 td

    Vs Nebraska
    Passing 11/17 230 2 tds 0 ints
    Rushing 19 carries 42 yards 1 td

    In the final 3 games, he went 41/55 for 657 yards passing 8 passing tds and only 1 int
    He also rushed for 239 yards and 3 tds.

    It doesn't matter if he threw bombs to players or not. That's part of passing. I'll take 50 yard td's as part of the stats vs only 8-10 yard dink passes. He mixed it up, anyone who watched those games would agree.

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  • My point Davidson is what did he do when he played a decent defense. Stats agianst El Cid are meaningless. Heck Brandon Harton rushed for over 100 yds on a scrub team so does that make him good? Clemson was a absolute dumpster fire on defense by the end of the year and Nebraska had one of the most disappointing defenses in the country. He played Florida and Miss State which are the closest defenses to what we have and he didnt throw for 100 yds in either.
    As far as us stopping you from winning the East I will simply point to the trophy case. We have it and you don't. We had a better record period. I dont want to even get into this argument again. Kentucky beat you last year but I dont see them crying about how they beat the East Champs.
    We will all find out this fall. I have been around Gamecock fans my whole life so I know I am not going to change your minds with facts or anything else. Shaw is Joe Montana and Jeffreys little brother will be just like Jeffrey. This is what we will hear all summer. We will all find out in October what Shaw can do and what Shamir etc. can do.

  • We also lost starting LT as well as two other running backs. Wilds was our 4th string guy when we had to play him against Tennessee.

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  • This was his first year as a starter in the SEC. He got better with his decisions and accuracy as the year went on. I realize that The Citadel and Clemson are not top defenses. He showed a lot of progress later in the year. I don't think that had to do with the opponent. I think that had to do with him becoming more comfortable as he got more reps. I don't think for one minute that he could of put up those kind of #'s against Alabama, LSU, Georgia. As he got more PT, he improved and there is no disputing that. I think going thru the spring and fall, he will continue to improve and he could very well put up good #'s against top talent, week in and week out.

  • Didn't read the last part of post until now. No one is saying he is J. Montana and that Jeffery's little brother will be as good. I think Shaw improved and played well towards the end of the year, that was my point. I think S. Jeffery will be a very good receiver for us. He is faster than his brother, not quite as tall but supposedly has great hands and leaping ability. I don't think he will be as good as Alshon but I think he can be very good for us. We'll find out how he plays when the lights are on and there are 80,000 fans in the stands.

    I'm one of the most reasonable fans out there so please don't insult me by saying you won't change my mind or that I'm implying Shaw=J. Montana.

  • Shaw will have to learn to control his urge to take off and not look for his 2nd and 3rd option like he does, or at least did last season. Spurrier should be able to teach him that, if he is a good student of the game, and keeps what he will learn in the practices to use on the field. He can't afford to take off and run all of the time with his size, because he will face some fairly good defenses this year, and teams like UGA, have linebackers and safeties that are faster on the field than he is.
    I expect that Lattimore will be back to almost normal come October, but I think UGA will have the defense to control him a little more than last year. Due to special teams and offensive mistakes the defense was on the field way too much, and by the fourth quarter, Lattimore had a pretty easy time of it. He will get some yards, but I don't think 175 yards in a game is in his future this time. If Shaw can do his job a little better and has receivers ready to go, and they do have a top flight freshman receiver coming in, then Spurrier will not run Lattimore to death you would hope.
    Should be a good game, but it will come down to who makes the least mistakes and controls the ball.

  • OK, I let this stay up because it was initially relaying good info that might interest UGA fans, but the discussion is now starting to turning away from that.

    Don't need another UGA vs. USC thread on the UGA board.


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