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OT.... Top 5 boxers in YOUR lifetime

  • watching Tyson over on spike made me think of this topic.

    1. Roy jones jr - should have been hung it up. But it his prime was unbeatable

    2. Floyd Mayweather- Hate him all you want. He's A bad man. Beat Pacman and he'll be #1

    3. Mike Tyson - Anytime you can be called by your last name and everyone knows who you are. You're good

    4. Benard Hopkins - Dude was like 50 still kicking butt

    5. Holyfield- ( wanted to say Lenox Lewis ) but had to get the GA boy on here.

    Im only 30. wasn't old enough for Ali, Louis, Sugar ray and Foreman was past his prime.

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  • 5) Larry Holmes - If he didn't have to follow Ali, Frazier, and Foreman, he would have been known as one of the all-time great heavyweights.

    4) Thomas Hearns

    3) Marvin Hagler

    2) Julio Cesar Chavez

    1) Manny Pacquiao. Eight division world champion.

    Part of me wanted to include George Foreman. His comeback career was extremely impressive (never knocked down... which is kind of huge in the heavyweight division. but he was past his prime. i'm only 34)..

  • Glad you put Hagler and Hearns in there meansonny. No one seems to talk about them that much when mentioning the greatest boxers but those guys had some epic battles. Loved watching their matches when I was younger. I caught the tail end of Ali's career and saw when Holmes beat him. Never liked Holmes because of that.

    Foreman is an interesting boxer. Two different careers and, in both, he was pretty impressive. His younger career he was a monster. Literally was Tyson before Tyson. Just a monster. But Ali knew how to tame it, much like Holyfield tamed Tyson. But if Foreman ever hit you then, you were gone. I still remember his 2nd career when he knocked out Michael Moore I believe. Just a nice inside cut to the chin and you could see Moore's lower face just absorb that punch and knew he was out.

    I miss the good heavyweight bouts with Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Tyson, Holyfield, and co. The middleweights were great to watch as well. But I don't think anything ever beat the time period when you had Hagler, Hears, Sugar Ray, and Duran fighting. Some great matches during that timeframe.