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i know we got a win yesterday, but

  • Dawgpound and Hobnailed, you guys are two of my favorite posters on here. I hate to see you go at it a little bit, but the difference in opinion you guys have is the same one that is rampant in our fanbase right now. I am never comfortable sitting on a lead and was really frustrated with our lack of offense in the second half of the last two games, but I did realize that our defense was stopping everything the two teams were throwing at us. I am also frustrated with us settling for field goals way too often, but our coaches have to improve the running game and find a way for us to punch it in, or at least find playaction stuff to convert those third and shorts. I think a lot of our lack of offense can be tied to Crowell's absolute fatigue and lack of go in the second half. I do not know if it is a residual problem with the rib injury or conditioning, but I surely hope it improves soon!

    Go DAWGS!!

  • I've been watching the Dawgs since 1965, so please don't try to win the jeopardy game by having "wrong assumptions for $400 Alex".

  • suwaneegeorgia said... (original post)

    I've been watching the Dawgs since 1965, so please don't try to win the jeopardy game by having "wrong assumptions for $400 Alex".

    A win over the Gators....Tech...and....Auburn ????? Richtfan's post?? "Priceless"

  • HobnailedBoots said... (original post)

    "Older than us 80's guys?"

    Damn, first time I've heard that. I was born in '85.

    As far as professional demeanor goes... I think professionalism is something you exhibit on the field, and I don't think trying to run up the score for "style points" is very professional. Not when you're unranked and style points mean nothing. We have no margin for error. We have to win ballgames. We can't be concerned with trying to make it look good on the scoreboard. If we gain a 2 TD lead, and running the ball and playing good defense is the way to ensure we keep that lead and win the game, then that's the way to do it. Hell, it's worked pretty damn well to make the Atlanta Falcons a perennial playoff contender. Anybody think you're seeing a little bit of Mike Smith offensive philosophy on the field right now? That's textbook ball control offense.

    I am far less concerned with the number on the scoreboard as I am with the number in the W-L columns, and right now, we need to be focused on putting numbers in the W column. The margin of victory means nothing. It's something nice for us fans to be able to boast about, but it means nothing.

    Hey Hobnail....boy I missed the call on you....sorry 'bout that.

    I concur with you that professionalism is something you demonstrate via your actions and/or behavior.

    However, I did point out that we are early for "style points". I would take umbrage with you that "style points" are unprofessional. Sometimes they are needed, albeit in moderation.

    I do agree also that ball control is paramount. We have improved a great deal there due to IC and the OL.

    We all are pulling for the same outcome....W's, W's, W's.

    The heterogeneity of opinion is what brings about ideas and change. What if, some of what we post has a trickle up effect to the leadership in the Butts-Mehre building?