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Coffee: The special teams question

Wednesday, October 24

Florida assistant coach D.J. Durkin

One of the key aspects to Florida's unbeaten start to this season has been the Gators' special teams.

Just in the past two games, they've had a successful fake punt, two blocked field goals, turnovers forced on punt and kickoff coverage, a 60-yard kickoff return and a school record punting effort (54.3-yard average).

Florida has on its staff a special teams coordinator in D.J. Durkin, a former DE/OLB in college who coaches linebackers and special teams. Durkin was kept on staff by new coach Will Muschamp.

And his presence leads to an obvious question this week for UGA coach Mark Richt, who does not have a special teams coordinator and choosed to divide up units between different assistant coaches.

“We’ve had some pretty good punters and kickers over the years since I’ve been here," Richt said Tuesday. "We’re not doing anything any differently than we’ve done before, really. But they (Florida) have done a very good job on their special teams. There’s no doubt about that. ... You can say you've got a special teams coordinator, but he may bejust coordinating the practice time or coordinating the meeting time. He may not coach every single special team. So there's lot of people who have a special teams coordinator and he’s basically coordinating what happens, but he doesn’t necessarily coach every single team, every single kick. There are a lot of people that are still dividing up responsibilities, but they (Florida) are certainly outstanding at it this year.”

Would Richt consider bringing in a special teams coordinator?

Well, his answer there may wind up being ... Mark Richt.

“First of all, you can assign somebody within your staff to do it," Richt said, "or if you don’t, that means that if there’s no attrition, you’re going to fire somebody to hire a special teams coordinator. So I don’t know if I’m interested in doing that, but I think one thing that I can do as head coach is I think I can at least spend time learning the kicking and punting fundamentals well enough to be their coach. Right this minute I wouldn’t say that I have enough expertise to do that, but I think this offseason it would be wise for me to do something like that, because I am freed up enough to do that. If that’s my contribution to special teams in the future, I think that would be valuable.”



Georgia's women's basketball team was picked second in the SEC this season.



We got better today

LB Christian Robinson


Laughing at what someone just told me to go read about yesterdays post practice comments.

Don't mention my name until you go back and look at the results these past two seasons.

LB Mike Gilliard


Crazy how the people who were your world and u revolved ur life arroun them are nowhere to be found xcept for to get something #sadtruth

QB Christian LeMay


Call me a nerd if ya want I love star wars lol. #NerdJockMusicianBaller comfortable in my skin

WR Chris Conley


They will hear me roar

OL Kolton Houston


Just realized the XM in my Tahoe had a Dave Matthews Band station hmm.. #soothing

WR Tavarres King


Keep having visons off the stadium half blue , half red. . Lookin forward to this weekend. #GAvsFL

DB Marc Deas


Dear Gator fan, Whining about not being ranked No. 1 in October usually results in a loss in next game. Yes, even to UGA.

Travis Reier of BamaOnline


I'm going for bama state in the magic city classic

OL Mark Beard

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