UGA to 'explore' transfers from PSU

ATLANTA -- Georgia's coaching staff is looking into the possibility of bringing Penn State players into the Bulldogs' program for this season.

UGA coach Mark Richt said Bulldogs coaches examined Penn State's roster and two-deep on Monday in preparation for perhaps trying to recruit one of the Nittany Lions' players to Athens.

"A lot of colleges around the country will certainly be interested in some of those players, and we're one of those teams," Richt told fans Monday night during a UGA Bulldog Club function in Atlanta. "It's pretty well-documented that we're under our 85 number right now. We have space available. So we'll try to get in touch with some of these young men and see what their interest level is and just make sure if we do bring someone in it's someone who can hopefully help us and also be the type of guy we want to bring in the program."

UGA coaches were finishing up their annual retreat Monday morning when the NCAA announced penalties against Penn State.

Along with a four-year postseason ban, those sanctions included the ability for current Penn State players to transfer to another institution and be eligible to play immediately.

"So we took a little bit of time out of what we were going to do to talk about that a little bit and decide what we might want to do," Richt said. "There may not be anybody. I don't know what's going to happen, but we're at least going to explore."

Speaking after Monday night's event, Richt didn't name any Penn State players and told reporters that it wasn't a certainty, though UGA is committed to at least looking into the idea.

"We don't have a whole lot of previous relationships with kids on that team," Richt said. "We're just looking to see if there's anybody that might fit and see if they're interested. ... We do have some space available, and if somebody fits a need and they would be excited about coming, we're looking into that possibility."

Former Penn State strength coach John Thomas is now on the staff at UGA and could be a valuable resource, considering he worked with the Nittany Lions' program for two decades up until last season.

UGA starts preseason practice Aug. 2, Richt said, meaning the timing would require teams and players to move quickly.

"It's not ideal," Richt said, "but we'll see what happens. I don't want everybody to sit there and think we're trying to load up a bunch of them. It could be zero. It could be one or two. I don't know what it could be. We'll just see if it's a fit, see if anybody's interested and go from there."

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