Morning Coffee: Dive right out?

Tuesday, August 23

Mark Richt does a back-flip during last year's team day at the Ramsey Center's pool. (Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Georgia has 29 practices leading up to the Boise State season opener, and Mark Richt is planning to use every one of them.

"I doubt we go to Ramsey (for the swim day)," Richt said Monday. "This might be the first time we've gotten all 29 practice opportunities in. We haven't gotten there yet, but we're on track to get every one of them."

(It should be noted that Richt likes to surprise his team with this sort of thing, so you can never rule it out completely)

But it does look like they will hit 29 practices.

Basically, the Bulldogs haven't dealt with much bad weather so far this preseason, either, though there is a hurricane churning in the Caribbean right now.

And though it still lacks a true indoor practice facility, Georgia does now have a 20-yard room with artificial turf in the Butts-Mehre building.

And because of that, the Dogs have a new plan for a rainy day.

Or at least a stormy day.

"If it rains, we'll practice," Richt said. "If it's lightning, then we got to get inside. ... If there's two hours left, we would have one unit probably go into the indoor area, keep their cleats on, go directly in there and just begin to practice versus the scout team, get an hour's worth of scout team at as good a tempo as we can without getting anybody hurt. You wouldn't get much throwing and catching in there, but you'd get assignments and you'd get alignments. ... The other unit would probably watch film for about an hour, and then you'd switch."

Asked about the lack of an indoor facility, Richt said Monday "I think if we really wanted to have one, we could have had it out maybe by the soccer, softball area. But if you do that, you still have the issue of ordering buses, travel time getting over there. So I felt like unless we could get it right here on site or we could move everything over to soccer-softball, just move the whole complex, the indoor (facility) wouldn't be quite what it ought to be unless you have access right next to your outdoor fields."



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DB Chris Sanders

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