Morning Coffee: Richt on Bobo

Wednesday, October 17

(Photo by Sonny Kennedy/Special to Dawgs247)

We present for Wednesday's Coffee -- without comment -- an exchange from Monday night.

David from Cumming, Ga., called into Mark Richt's radio show with a polite -- but pointed -- question for the head coach:

Is there any possibility of Coach Bobo maybe taking over as a quarterback coach and seeing you, Coach Richt, maybe running the offense at any point? I know we're really eager to see things shaken up and see if maybe your offensive scheme can get us over these big games we seem to have a problem getting over?

Richt's reply?

"Well, you know what? I know this: When I was calling plays at Georgia and calling plays at Florida State people gave up all kind of grief. Whoever calls the plays is just going to get criticized. That's all there is to it.

"But I can promise you Mike Bobo does a great job. Matter of fact, we're on pace to break every record Georgia's ever had in scoring. That doesn't happen on accident. For us to do some of the things that we've done in some of these other games has been outstanding. A lot of it has been scheme. A lot of it has been calling the right plays at the right time. I really think Mike and the offensive staff, they're doing a great job.

"Now in this last ballgame, we got whipped, and we didn't have much offensive production. It was very frustrating, and those things happen from time to time. It was just one game. It was a game where it was kind of electric for that team at their home site, and you've got to give them credit.

"But right this minute, I'm very comfortable with Mike calling our plays, and I think if you'd asked the same question a couple of days before the South Carolina game, I don't think anybody could have said one bad thing about what was going on offensively. And the first time something goes bad, everybody wants to get rid of the guy calling the plays. But he's doing a very good job, and we're all very lucky to have him."



Courtesy of UGA Sports Communications ...

Members of the Georgia football team and head coach Mark Richt
will headline a special "Tailgate with the Team" event Thursday at 8 p.m. at Legion Field on the UGA campus. Admission is free and open to
all students, faculty, and staff. A very famous surprise guest will also be present.

The team members will meet and greet students and fans before heading to
Lexington on Friday for the Georgia vs. Kentucky game. Richt will speak, team members will sign autographs, and there will be an assortment of
entertainment and giveaways.



The AP with updates on the Honey Badger's LSU situation (courtesy of Sports Illustrated) and Georgia Tech's season.



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Steve Spurrier: "Florida is always going to be my school. We're Gators but we're Gamecocks now."

Spurrier: "I hope the Gators finish second in the East this year. That would be a good season for them."

Josh Kendall of The State newspaper

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