The 2017 season ended with many having their own opinions on who would take that next step forward for Georgia in 2018. We at Dawgs247 did the same thing. 

We identified who we felt was ready for a breakout season and those who had a chance to step into starting roles and fill the shoes of talented players who are now preparing for the next stage of their football careers. 

Then spring practice happened. It was a chance to see some of these players in action after winter workouts and a couple of months to mature. Gains made in the weight room and the agility program were on display for all to see. Some got additional opportunities due to the many injuries the Bulldogs sustained during spring drills. Things now look a little different than they did when the National Championship game was finished. New names have emerged, guys have improved and the landscape is simply different. 

With that in mind, Dawgs247 is now prepared to take a post-spring look at the players we feel are on the brink. We understand that not all of these players will make the leap in 2018, but that doesn't mean they aren't on the verge of doing so.

Last week we focused on the offense and laid out 10 players who had a real chance to shift into a higher gear. Today we'll do the exact same thing for the defensive side of the ball where the Bulldogs are charged with replacing at least a pair of major contributors at every level of the unit.